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2. Agassiz Landscape Group, LLC.

Phone: (928) 525-0300 Website: Agassiz Landscape Group, LLC
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Agassiz Landscape
Group, LLC

Agassiz Landscape Group, LLC is committed to service and integrity in everything we do.  Our design and installation experts can create the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy forever.  Our maintenance division includes graduates from the Master Gardener Program who ensure you have the happiest and healthiest plants – and that you are the envy of your neighbors (especially when you’re having fun on the weekends and they’re taking care of their yard!).  

Your house is much more than shelter; it is a place of relaxation, entertaining, solitude, and living.  It is, importantly, a place of self-expression. This year, let Agassiz Landscape Group help you create a natural living space that is truly unique to your lifestyle!

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